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Weddings in Platinum

Updated: Sep 13, 2019

Scan, Ban, Brand, Plan, then Slam The Party!

Have You decided to find a venue, Catering, photographer and lighting fitting, flowers, personal table gifts, RSVP with the save the date and Invites on top of that, write a speech yourself and coordinate the whole brilliant Event you have on your mind? There are so many steps in setting up a professional Event, whether wedding, mitzvah or any sort of creative event, not even going to completely different animal, like corporate Events. We have been there, and done it. There are way to many steps to organize fully enjoyable, up to fashion and running smoothly event of any sort.

Bear in mind, the market is full of agencies, event planners and vendors, who do O.K job in scope of their knowledge. There are very few planners with actual knowledge of current standards and great sense for those little details that matter the most. There are many ways to just set up the table, and each insignificant difference reveal big picture of class, or glamour, if you wish, the kind of Event you attach your signature to. That's why it's extremely important not to look only for price bargains, or nice logo of the site you just found, but SCAN the knowledge of the event planners. From linens and china to glassware and centerpieces, we're always on the hunt for the makings of a chic settings. But all the accessories in the world are useless if your team doesn't know how to set up a table in current fashion. Everything is in the details! Believe us or not, there are many event planners who don't know the difference between antiquated seafood fork and fondue one, not mentioning dizzying array of glasses for every type of beverage imaginable. We have gone out of our way to attend many splendiferous events in Beverly Hills, Hollywood, and N.Y. to have set our standards highest on this unimaginably wide Event Planning market. BAN all mediocre, wanna-be providers charging you ridiculous amounts, bragging about 'elaborately folded napkins'. Don't want to sound pretentious, yet the large value still goes with the BRAND! Being in the 'high-end' Event planning business for more then a decade, blue collar, upper-class, or world-class leaders always flash an eye over the Designer aspect. Do not underestimate the place either. Whether you are looking for an intimate rooftop proposal or an engagement in Il Lago of des Bergues with a flash mob, iVents has your back! We are experts in dream marriage proposals, engagement parties, and bridal shower, since we have planned them from here to there, all around the world, from Los Angeles to Monaco, through The Alps and beyond! Our marriage proposals performance envelopes four major aspects: organization, design, quintessence, and finally coordination. Because everything is based on personal relations, ambiance, and logistics, we're culture-diversely insightful thanks to our years long projecting, to pull off such important surprise with natural ease!

The Dream begins to come together with Blueprint you will receive. We refine and collaborate the perfect backdrop, scrumptious dinning, award winning cake from beyond this world, leading musicians, flowers from the best florists in the country, detailed custom concept for your marriage concept, with personal delivery of 'Save the Date' and the PLAN is in the nest! Then just enjoy the ride of the extravagant services, luxury transportation, personally touched speeches, and do not forget we always have your back with plan B, either 'under the rain', or 'the ring missing'. Then just SLAM The Party!

ENJOY from iVents by Beverly Hills' , to all Swiss Folks.


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