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Welcome to iVents, an elegant Event Planning Group that accommodates professionally busy thus milestone rich people develop and coordinate the most splendiferous events personally tailored by life story all over Switzerland, Europe, and Northern America. No matter the size of an event, a boutique private party or gala, our due diligence to perfectionism covers every corner. Thanks to our striving partners and renown vendors, award winning musicians, spotlight and untapped venues, vigorously sought photographers, and highly recommended artists, we raise the competitive bar in world leading event crafting, making event planning a truly advanced game in entertainment world. Our expertize ranges from bespoke event planning, story tailoring, concept development, venue & vendors matching and creative arrangement, which drives your personal milestone to its fullest potential, hence strives new heights of success.  It has been decades our premiere memorable event production kindled the light, far-reaching into Europe and worldwide. iVents roots started in fashion industry inspired by Hollywood runway shows, and learned the in & outs from Hollywood entertainment elites. The event managerial inspiration developed in Los Angeles and unwittingly built up its portfolio in French speaking Switzerland, further expanding its clientele, with fixed base in Geneva. Our Team of Event experts infuse creativity, elegance and knowledge resources into initial story-tailoring breathing the soul into each event by detailed coordination, always executing an incredible event that reveals an untold story, which your guests will never forget. Our expertise encircles Corporate, Creative, Sport, Fashion, Environmental, Private Events, Team Building, Weddings, rehearsals with hosting, and Social gatherings, for which accomplishments we dearly thank to the large pool of skilful partners, bespoke Catering and Venues. We always grasp the finest details such as Guests Management and from there we cut and endeavour the genre and flow, Music and Entertainment, either for personal milestone or large production. iVents Event Management is here for you so you won’t have to worry about a thing. Everything we undertake turns out seamless, successful and before all fun and engaging on the way.  We listen closely in order to best develop understanding, thus grounds for solid relationship, because each event is unique and must be custom woven like a story brought to life. You’ll always be on board, in the know but without hassles, understood, and accounted for.  

 Having been soaked in hands-on productions made us strong relationships with competition hence getting to be known between industry leaders. Aside of Corporate Events, Team Building, Galas, Music Festivals, Weddings, Showers, Company Retreats, Conferences, Fashion Shows and Summits, we also offer Web Design and Marketing services, that with help of entire digital marketing team.

                                                                                                                            Bring your vision. Everything else is covered for.

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