There are no such traditional and conservative events as corporate ones. Whether Creative edge, Team Building, or Corporate events, these group of events carry precision, demand for progress and high attention. Being in and around the scene of events planning, and coordination management for extra large companies, we rather act as "part of the team" during the time of planning. Being a partners in most unexpected situations, no surprise will rock our attention. We always work in alliance, synchonizing perfection and twist for detail into our Swiss quality & timing standards. Our passion and constant search for perfection, bringing high-end effortlessly higher, brought our team into leading event planning groups. Working in the fashion: " There are no Problems, but Solutions!", never being on time but in advance in brainstorming, conceptualizing, as well as, final product, gives our team passion and speed to always create extraordinary successful & unforgettably original milestone events. iVents brings any title for party into life with our long lasting expertize and appetite for being the best in party planning! Appoint iVents to turn your dream idea into a story, 'Because your name is the reputation of  your event'.

There are left parties and right parties money can buy. For any other Party, there is iVents!