*****Charter & Five Stars or EasyJet then Bread & Bed***

Updated: Mar 9, 2020

There are mile long lines of people sweating at the airports who like to hassle reserving their commercial flight last minute, from time to time missing their flight anyhow,, and there are people who prefer to preserve their lives and travel in style, letting professionals to do their job, the aircraft waiting, loaded with ambiance, and splendor. The philosophical lifestyle difference between the two is to choose to be your own servant, or to be a world citizen enjoying just showing up. Why making everything more difficult! In this Millennium many resourceful corporate planning companies an travel agencies can organise trips you could not dream of. Who want's to deal with hundreds of passengers on board if you can travel cozy in more personal way and actually savor the company. This is why we offer the whole story delivered for you under our contemporary modern wings. The balance between tradition, modernism and future is also reflected in our legendary hospitality and long held tradition of family ran business with contemporary modern vision. In our current, fast track life time the quality beats the quantity. That's why we provide exclusively an experience that goes way beyond a bare business trip or holiday! Our Splendide Royal offer will allow you to immerse yourself in the World Citizen experience whilst receiving warmth and care in the same discreet manner, as our tradition goes. Just visit our SHOP online and mind the splendid selection of very prestigious destinations within vogue prices.Our rich database endeavors more then hundred high-end hotels, resorts & glamping properties all over the globe. Get abducted by beauty, extravagance & comfort, by KNOW-HOW to travel! Whether you plan on treating your employees to some bonding time with a quality team-building activities, organise a business summit, or want to finally put an end to your past mediocre trips, let us introduce you to our executive - achieved Holidays executed by renown team 'iVentsGeneva, 'and show you in real life that vacation is not just about site-seeing! Everywhere you go - our concierge service provides you with extra activities to keep you curious, entertained and going. Just for your feeling, our destinations with flight All Inclusive cover such marvelous places as Bora Bora, Mal Dives, Monaco, Lugano, Davos, Santorini, all Capitals- Globaly and heavenly hidden 'holes in the wall'. of our planete. 80's are over and Charter flights numbers - just in our chocolate country - raised from 1000's to more than 7000's per year.

Travel safely too! Air Charter Services facilitate all VIP flight experience, helping us deliver a 'once of a lifetime' flight arrangements for single passengers, couples, or a larger groups on Swiss-based aircrafts including regional jet airlines, turboprops,Charters, including G-5, VIP & executive airlines, as well as narrow and wide-body airliners. One has to think in our Millennium, to safeguard its own association and let its crew travel safely. With nowadays international mixing and viruses upraise, traveling by private Charter group line can be only a win-win solution! The prices iVentsGeneva offers for our Luxury Packages 'Splendid Charter' can't be beaten by any outside market. Why not taking a private jet, a helicopter or an executive airline charter for your leisure or discrete business purpose? Discover an international network of offices spanning 6 continents, extensive experience in arranging aircraft charters and access up to 50,000 aircrafts across the globe, then enjoy our gourmet catering at Splendide Royal Resorts, have your town car drop you right into your function *****event room- suitable for any event you have in mind and then*****, just then you enter into the impression of Contemporary World Citizen acquaintance. The SPA at Roberto Naldi Collection is deemed to have the most embracing ambience to grasp the hold of your success.