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Creative Self-Care for Kids: Indoor and Outdoor Art Ideas

Artistic creation is an excellent form of self-care for kids. Kids often use art to cope with difficult emotions, express how they’re feeling, and calm the mind. While art can be meditative for adults as well, kids get to enjoy this self-care activity completely free from self-judgment and harsh inner criticisms. Encouraging your children to practice self-care through artistic activities is a great way to help them become more introspective and aware of their own needs.

Here’s a quick guide from iVents Events Planners to help you get your kids involved in art, both inside and outdoors!

Prepare Your Home

Does your home inspire creativity? Creating a healthy and peaceful home environment can make it easier for your child to explore their artistic side. For example, bringing some nature inside is a great way to energize your space. A few things you can do include decluttering, opening the curtains for natural light, and using an oil diffuser to fill your home with stress-reducing scents. Making positive changes to your home – inviting your children to participate along the way – will empower everyone to pursue self-care actions and do what makes you feel your best!

Look into reviews for particular products that can help you and your kids get into the creative spirit. Perhaps getting a red wagon would allow for longer walks around the neighborhood for inspiration - or even to carry a few rocks, sticks, and leaves back for craft projects. Or maybe you need to upgrade your cordless vacuum to clean up dirt and glitter after art time is over.

Get Outside

Spending time outside is a powerful act of self-care for kids and adults alike, even if it’s just a stroll around the block or at a nearby park. According to, being outdoors has a calming effect and can even lower blood pressure, improve your mood, and speed healing from illness and injury. Plus, working outside allows kids to get messy and really let loose with their creative juices.

Create an outdoor space in your yard where your kids can participate in art activities while enjoying all the benefits that nature has to offer. Before you set up an outdoor art studio, you may want to have your lawn graded. This process creates a slight slant in your grassy areas so that rain water doesn’t pool, which helps reduce muddy puddles and breeding grounds for mosquitos. Look online for land grading services, but be sure to read reviews to find the best choice. It’s also best to have a few companies come out to give you a written estimate before enlisting services from a specific business.

Soccer is a great way for kids to get energy out while developing coordination and team-building skills. Joining a local league is a great way for kids to get involved. If you’re a business owner who’s learned how to avoid burnout, help your kids to learn boundaries though so they don’t get burnt out or overly exhausted. On busy days - like game days - encourage them to visualize their day and to use that time to decide how they might like to spend their non-practice time. And sit down with them at the end of the day to help your kids reflect. You can discuss what they did well, what didn’t go as planned, and how they might like to reprioritize their days in the future.

Exploring Different Art Mediums

As your kids explore artistic expression, encourage them to experiment with different art mediums. They could paint on rocks or clay pottery, try hand lettering, experiment with different types of paint, or explore oil pastels. Provide a mix of art media like different types of paper, painting tools, drawing tools, and various craft items. Let your kids have fun as they discover new ways to use different art items to create something that is completely unique and personal to them. Most importantly, don’t be afraid to let them make a mess!

Painting Apps for Kids

Painting and drawing apps can offer further inspiration to your children. There are many different apps out there to play around with. For example, when you come in for a painting session at Creatif, you can use our ArtPad app to find video lessons and guided painting images. MomJunction also recommends interactive painting and drawing apps for kids of different ages, like Drawing with Carl and Musical Paint for Kids.

Making art can help kids reset, refresh, explore their creativity, and build a strong sense of self-confidence. The very act of painting, drawing, or otherwise creating can be incredibly meditative and is a great act of self-care. Physical activity can also be a great creative outlet, so encourage your kids to get outside, if only for a walk with the rest of the family.

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