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There are some things money can't buy. For everything that matters, there is iVents!

Updated: Jun 24, 2019

iVents is elated to be a part of non-profit organization, helping to send girls to schools in Africa. The charity is helping girls to stay in school through providing sexual reproductive health education and rights, also finding financial solutions for those with lesser privilege to have an access to education. Our Non-Profit association does great work in campaigning to educate parents about the importance of sending girls to school. In some unfortunate parts of the world parents are marrying their girls off, even before they are born. A man will pay a bride price with a deal: " If its a girl, she will be his wife, if its a boy he will be his friend. This kind of negotiations over human live's destiny has to be eradicated! 'We' as a world-conscious society cannot stand by and allow our future generations to experience such a not only backwards, but immoral, "human for sale" standards. That is why we have decided to join forces with "Her Journey To School", to help to send as many girls to school as we possibly can. 

Living abroad, seeing the vast difference in educational opportunities in some parts of Africa, leaves you thinking that education is reserved only for the wealthy of society. The basic education, which should be the right for all children, is in many places still not the case. Many families struggle to send both, male and female children to school, due to financial difficulties, or sometimes due to prejudices regarding the girl-gender. The female is seen as an individual who will get married off, therefore does not require being educated. This is a very sad reality for many girls around the world. We at iVents want to help eradicate this.  

Being part of events in some of the richest countries, having had the honour to be among educated and established women attending lavish, sumptuous Grammy's, Emmy's, multiple Oscar events, makes us demand for all girls to have equal opportunity in education. As mothers to girls, future leaders, this charity has really spoken to our hearts, and we are proud to be part of this life changing group, making a difference for all young ladies. Eyes opening three decades long expertise worldwide, made us asset and treasure the major importance to GIVE & TAKE!

Let us all join forces to make a difference in educating girls all around the world! 


"Taste The Fortune and Happiness, Because They Are Worth It!"

African girls during the school break, are thrilled being given the opportunity to study.
Create Happy Educated World.

Gift lesser privileged children to have an equal right to success.
Education Equality Worldwide!

Millions of young children in Africa and other third world countries never receive even basic education, not knowing to even sign their name!
Orphan Girls Waiting to Go to School.


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